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Seed Funding

Our team helps you find the best funding strategy for your business.

Follow Up Funding

We know that most startups need more investment after the seed funding. Our role is to get them ready for this and to help them get new investments.

Expansion Funding

You already have a running / proven model and wish to expand your business - we can assist you in finding the suitable equity partner to achieve this goal.

Selection Criteria

  • Investments upto 10 Crores - usually debt financing

  • Investments over 10 crores - equity investments possible.

  • Pre-revenue or revenue making

  • Strong USP

  • Scalability of the business

  • Great Team

  • Route to Exit

  • Solving a real need

  • Intellectual Property / Patent

  • Initial Traction: Prototype / MVP ; Third party validation

Selection Process

  1. Initial Application​

  2. Meeting with our team

  3. Due diligence

  4. Introduction to Investors

  5. Investment Agreement

  6. Investment Completion

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